It’s Chinese to Me 天书

It's Chinese to me

This is a book in English, including a total of 82 Chinese characters demonstrated in five parts, namely “Nature”, “Animals”, “Human Beings”, “Objects” and “Chinese Style”.
Each character is illustrated with its ancient form in oracle bone or other inscriptions, a well-known ancient painting or a sketch designed by the author herself, and is described using an interesting, beautiful English poem. With a broad horizon, the book connects Chinese characters with ancient Chinese literature and culture, which makes it lively and worth reading. It is suitable for foreigners who want to learn about Chinese characters, literature and culture, especially for those who consider Chinese abstruse.

本书为英文版图书,全书共选取82个汉字,按照“Nature(自然)”“Animals(动物)”“Human beings(人)”“Objects(物)”“Chinese style(特殊字体)”5个部分予以展示。

购买电子书“天书”。Buy e-book “It’s Chinese to Me”

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